Thursday, March 17, 2011

The girl who has found her paramour.

Being mad for her loved one the girl spends quality time with Him. Every day, whether she is near of far from His lotus feet, she thinks of Him and lovingly remembers Him in a favorable way, in fact He is so attractive that she cannot forget Him for a moment. Because of her constant remembrance, her desire to please Him becomes her only desire. Quickly she attains Him.

We see that in the initial stages attraction is there, but if our girl meets her perfect boy and is too busy looking at some other attractive boy who seems pleasing to her senses, being fooled by maya's illusory energy she will not notice the man of her dreams and will pay no attention to him.

The girl may meet her perfect Man and immediately become attracted to Him. If she remains faithful to Him, and meets with Him every morning, her attraction will grow. In addition, if she hears of His glories and qualities, if she learns of His friends and associates, along with His family members. Very soon her love for her most attractive paramour will increase incalculably.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Lotus Feet of Lord Sri Nityananda Prabhu


The lotusfeet of Lord Nityananda
are cooling like a million moons.

harekrsna - article - nityananda 

 Dalalera Gita by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura
boro sukher khabor gāi
surabhi-kuñjete nāmer hāṭ khule’che (khoda nitāi)
boro mojār kathā tāy
śraddhā-mūlye śuddha-nāma sei hāṭete bikāy
jata bhakta-bṛnda basi’
adhikārī dekhe’ nāma becche daro kasi’
jadi nāma kinbe, bhāi
āmār sańge calo, mahājaner kāche jāi
tumi kinbe kṛṣṇa-nāma
dasturi loibo āmi, pūrṇa ha’be kāma
boro doyāl nityānanda
śraddhā-mātra lo’ye den parama-ānanda
ek-bār dekhle cakṣe jal
‘gaura’ bole’ nitāi den sakala sambal
den śuddha kṛṣṇa-śikṣā
jāti, dhana, vidyā, bala nā kore apekṣā
amani chāḍe māyā-jāl
gṛhe thāko, bane thāko, nā thāke jañjāl
ār nāiko kalir bhoy
ācaṇḍāle den nāma nitāi doyāmoy
bhaktivinoda ḍāki’ koy
nitāi-caraṇa binā ār nāhi āśroy


1) I am singing news of great happy tidings. Lord Nityananda Himself has opened a market-place of the Holy Name in Surabhi-Kunja.
2) The news of its great results is that He is selling the pure Holy Name in that market-place for the price of only one's faith.
3) Lord Nityananda, the proprietor of the market, seeing all the devotees become attracted, is selling them the Holy Name after bargaining with them.
4) O brother, if you want to buy the Holy Name, then go with me. We must go to the presence of that great soul, Nityananda.
5) You will buy the name of Krsna, I will take my commission and all of our desires will be fulfilled.
6) Lord Nityananda is greatly merciful. Taking only one's faith, He gives the highest ecstasy.
7) If Nitai sees only once tears in the eyes while chanting the name "Gaura", then He gives all resources to that person.
8) He gives the pure teachings of Krsna to everyone and does not care for one's birth, wealth, knowledge and strength.
9) Now, giving up the illusory snare of Maya, either remain in household life or in the forest as a sannyasi for no more troubles remain.
10) There is no more fear of the age of Kali. The merciful Nityananda gives the Holy Name to even the candalas.
11) Bhaktivinoda calls out: "Except for the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda there is no other shelter!"